Garvock Financial Ltd

Garvock Financial was established in 2011 by D. Barrie Graham to provide clients, old and new, with Wealth Management services and a fresh perspective on financial advice. In a time of ever increasing fiscal tightening and speculation as to all our economic futures, the basis of good, cost efficient, and above all sensible financial planning remains unaltered: Thinking Ahead. Garvock Financial is a small business with great expertise in dealing with clients on a one-to-one basis, with service and simplicity being paramount. We would be delighted to offer you our services on any of the above featured areas. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail.

Meet D. B. Graham

Financial Adviser

Since 2000, Barrie has worked in Banking and the broader Financial Industry in Ireland in a variety of Consultative, and Senior Management roles.  A native of Edinburgh, Scotland, he has acquired extensive experience in specialised investment, estate planning, and tax efficient protection & savings.  He is a Qualified Financial Adviser and holds a Certificate in Auctioneering and Valuation.